Formula E out to conquer the West !

Saturday marks the end of the Formula E Championship’s American tour. Drivers and teams will head for California to race in the sixth round of the championship for electric cars. The Long Beach ePrix is the mid-season point of this innovative category, which will soon make its European debut.

Over the past several months the Renault Sport personnel, who have been heavily involved in this challenge since its beginnings, have demonstrated the quality of their expertise and work with the major names in industry through the reliability and optimal safety of the Spark-Renault SRT01_Es.

The engineers, who are always ahead of their time, are pursuing their work to provide all the teams with the best possible product while preparing for the exciting challenge in season 2 when the championship will be opened up to rivals.

After Miami hosted the first-ever race for electric cars on American soil, which was a resounding success, the championship is now heading for California. The state in the heart of one of the richest and most widely-diversified regions in the world has long been very concerned with environmental issues and initiatives in favour of sustainable development. California and Formula E are both pioneers in alternative energies and they were destined to join forces in promoting electric vehicles.

The race will take on a shortened version (2.1 km) of the famous Long Beach circuit which, in the past, hosted Formula 1 grand prix and the top American single-seater championships. The drivers will do battle over 39 laps before crossing the finishing line on the long straight of the Marina and the Rainbow Lagoon park. With its seven corners combining right angles, a chicane, a fast curve and a hairpin the track will require skilled management of the Fan Boost and the batteries. The surface changes and bumps will add even more spice to the challenge.

There will also be a lot of activities and entertainment in the e-village : concerts, autograph sessions, games and spectacular acrobatic stunts by eBikes will delight fans of all ages in addition to the ePrix and the Formula E School Series. Entry is free for spectators.

“It’s fantastic to be going to an iconic circuit like Long Beach,” says Roberto Dlacic, Renault Sport Technologies engineer assigned to the FIA Formula E Championship. “The drivers and spectators are really going to enjoy themselves on this layout. The track’s wide and quick and that’s going to lead to interesting, exciting racing. Long Beach is a circuit that doesn’t require a lot of energy so the drivers can push hard and use different out-of-sync strategies. The ePrix already looks like it’s going to be one of the classics of this championship, which has continued to provide gripping, lively competition since the start !”