Monaco ePrix : Three questions to....

Jean-Paul Driot, co-owner of Renault e.dams gives us his impressions ahead of the race

Formula E is back this weekend in Europe, in Monaco. It’s an iconic track on the F1 calendar which is specially modified for our championship. What do you think are the challenges of this track ?
Monaco is a short track. It is therefore necessary to be effective and above all fast. There is a very important hairpin bend. The main challenge would be to find the middle ground between playing with the walls and not to make mistakes. Monaco remains a challenge to win in Formula E as it is a race that has a very important resonance in motorsport.

Does this circuit require excellent steering to stay in the race ?
It is a circuit on which the slightest mistake can cost a lot to the driver. If you do a small steering error, the penalty is immediate because it is a narrow circuit. It is therefore essential to remain focused. In the chicane at the swimming pool for example, the slightest mistake is irremediable so you have to be steady and calm to stay in the race. You really have to feel confident in your car.

After a tough ePrix for the team in Mexico, what are your expectations for this Monaco weekend ?
We have one expectation : be back at the front. We want to win the race in Monaco and reiterate our achievements of 2015 ! We have been working for this since the Mexico City ePrix and we are ready to go back on track.