Three questions to...

We asked Nico Prost for his impressions ahead of the race.

What is your state of mind ahead of the Paris ePrix ?
I am rather in the state of mind that I want to take revenge after the Monaco ePrix. I was very disappointed with the result. We had the ability to do better, the car was fast and I felt good in it. But it is well-known that overtaking in Monaco is almost an impossible mission, and there’s a lot of overtaking required if you start from the back of the grid. Even though I am pretty satisfied with my ninth place finish, I arrive in Paris with the aim to score more points with a strong result this time.

What do you think of the track ? What are the challenges ?
The circuit of Les Invalides is a circuit with many different surfaces. There is only one resurfaced section, which is very smooth with special asphalt. The rest of the track is quite bumpy with many particular challenges. It is important to know that one sector is different from another in terms of surface type. The corners are quite unusual, especially the one in front of the pits. The braking for Turn 7, just before the back straight is one of the key points of the circuit. Hard braking is followed by a turn in which you enter quickly and then the corner tightens enormously. Les Invalides is really a unique circuit on our calendar and I look forward to being able to race on it again.

French driver, French team, French sponsor, home ePrix. It must be a lot of pressure for you ? What are your expectations for this weekend ?
It is obvious : there is always the will to do well at home, in front of your fans. My only goal for the weekend will be to stand on the podium on Saturday and to be able to celebrate this with everyone ! If this date can become a classic race that comes back every year, I think it is very important for France and for Paris which has a long history with motorsport. Our country and our car manufacturers, especially Renault, are both leaders and pioneers in terms of electric vehicles so we strive to be leaders on track too.